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 ISSUE 2875

January 16, 2012                                                                           Safar 24,1432H     

Xubno Ka Soo Jeeda Awdal Oo Ka Tirsan Labada Gole Baarlamaan Oo Ku Eedeeyey Qurba Jooga Gobolkaasi Inay Wadaan Kicin Iyo Abaabul Dadweyne, Kana Dalbaday Inay Joojiyaan


Wasiirka Maaliyada Oo Daboolka Ka Qaaday Dakhliga Cashuuraha Ka Soo Xerooday Saddexdii Bilood Ee Ugu Danbeeyay Iyo Wakiilada Oo Su’aalo Ay Maryo Dhiig Leh Ku Kala Furteen Ku Hafiyay

Shirgudoonka Guurtida Oo Daaqada Ka Tuuray Mooshin Ay Tahriibinayeen Shaqsiyaad Xildhibaano Ah Oo Lagu Carqaladaynayey Somcable

Xukuumada Oo Maxjar Labaad Ka Baal Furtay Kii Hore Ee Jiray Iyo Dareenada Ku Gedaaman

Maanta, Shalay dhaantey!

Raysal Wasaaraha Dawladda Sheekh Shariif Oo La Ansixiyey Iyo Dagaalo Ka Dhacay Muqdisho






Population Services International (PSI) is the world’s leading non-profit social marketing organization, operating in nearly 70 developing countries.  PSI creates demand for essential health products and services by using private sector marketing techniques and innovative communications campaigns to motivate positive and sustained changes in health behaviour. On the supply side, PSI works with the commercial sector to increase the availability of these products and services at prices which are affordable to at-risk populations. With a bottom-line orientation that is rare among non-profits, PSI social markets products and services for family planning, maternal and child health, and the prevention of HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases. For more information, please see our web site: www.psi.org.


PSI Somaliland conducts research; monitoring and evaluation activities to provide information needed to design and implement programs and evaluate their impact. This research includes quantitative studies such as retail audits and mapping of outlets, as well as qualitative studies including formative research, pre- and post-testing of communication materials and brand development.  PSI works with local research organizations to conduct much of this research, however, some studies are conducted in-house. Currently PSI/Somaliland is seeking a Research Officer to coordinate manage its research activities:



1. Managing other members of the research team and demonstrating positive leadership for the Research Department

2. Using a client-centered approach to understand data users’ needs and provide them with necessary research inputs. Data users include PSI/Somaliland Country Representatives and heads of other departments.

3. Working with other PSI/Somaliland departments to increase the use of research for informed decision-making. Priority is given to construction of “dashboard” tables to inform audience segmentation, monitoring of populations, monitoring of services, and program evaluation

4. Creating and managing annual research portfolio, and adapting as necessary. Effective management will require the Research Department to work on multiple studies at the same time

5. Coordinating research activities between PSI/Somaliland, local research agencies, and/or consultants, and ensuring quality control over study design, field implementation and data collection, data analysis, and data interpretation

6. Executing short-term informal research projects for PSI/Somaliland.

7. Raising profile of PSI/Somaliland research internally and externally by ensuring study quality, performing advanced analyses, improving study designs, and providing departments with required and actionable inputs to improve programming

8. Coordinating with the Regional researcher for data analysis, regional research efforts and initiatives as required.



· Master’s degree in social sciences, statistics, epidemiology/public health, or other related field;

· Strong organizational and logistical skills. Ability to coordinate research agenda and document research outputs.

· Strong statistical background

· Experience with computer software for data entry and analysis, including EpiInfo and SPSS.  Competence in word processing and spreadsheet software (Word, Excel). Experience with Access or other database management programs a plus.

· Experience with quantitative survey research including sampling, questionnaire design, recruitment of interviewers, interviewer training, pretesting and modification of questionnaires, fieldwork supervision, data entry, data cleaning and analysis, and report formatting and writing.

· Experience with qualitative research techniques including focus groups, in-depth interviews, and other ethnographic techniques—including discussion/interview guideline development, focus group moderating, interview techniques, analysis of qualitative data and write-up of results.

· Demonstrated management experience.

· Ability to work in a cross-cultural environment with flexible working hours.

· Experience in marketing research or with private sector agencies a plus.

· Excellent writing and communication skills in both Somali and English; 


The ideal candidate will possess strong organizational, administrative, interpersonal, and communication skills; attention to detail; proven ability to develop routines to manage large workloads and organize work efficiently and flexibly with minimal supervision; ability to prioritize and perform multiple tasks; ability to follow assignments through to completion; commitment to deadlines; and demonstrated willingness and ability to work alone and on a team in a cooperative, problem solving capacity.


TO APPLY:  Please send a CV and covering letter outlining why your experience is suitable for this position to somjobs@psi.org. No applications will be accepted in person or by phone.  Deadline for applications:  28th January 2012.