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ISSUE 1229 Oct.9, 2006

Extremists Linked To The Terrorist Courts Of Mogadishu
Burn Haatuf Newspaper In Buroa

How Long Is The US Going To Take Somaliland For Granted?

U-Qaybsanaha Dalalka Bariga Afrika Ee Arrimaha Dibadda USA Oo Ka Hadashay Mawqifkeeda Somaliland

Wasiirka Arrimaha Dibada Oo Maxkamadaha Muqdisho Ku Eeddeeyey Inay Falal Kharbudaad Ah Ka Wadaan Somaliland

Culimada Somaliland Oo Maxkamadaha Muqdisho Ugu
Baaqay In Aanay Soo Fara-Gelin, Fitnana Ka Abuurin Somaliland

Saddex Mishiin Oo Lagu Wareejiyay Wakaaladda
Biyaha Iyo Xafiiska Macdanta Iyo Biyaha Burco

Dhul xoolo Daaqeen Ah Oo Maayar Xigeenka
Caasimadda Hargeysa Shaqadii Ka Joojiyay,
Isla Markaana Ka Samaystay Beer Uu Isagu Gaar U Leeyahay

Guddoomiyaha Guddida Dhaqaalaha Wakiilada Oo Sheegay In Miisaaniyada Ay Xukuumadu Ku Dhaqantaa Sharci Darro Tahay

ODHAAHDA AKHRISTAHA:Aweyska Nabadda Sanam Ku Sheegay Ma Colaaduu Caabudaa?

Hadalka Iyo Fikirku Waa Qodobada Aasaasiga U Ah Muwaadin Kastaa Inuu Ku Cabiro Aragtidiisa

Odayga Kale Xaalkiisa Waa Ogaydeene,
Miyaanaan Xaq U Lahayn Badhasaab Wanaagsan Oo Qaranka Daacad U Ah?

“Isma Oga Agoon iyo Ninkii Aabaheed Dilay”

Ma Run Baa Muuqaalka Jidh Dilka Sh. Maxamed Ismaciil?
Xog Ururin Dhab Ah!

Extremists Linked To The Terrorist Courts Of Mogadishu
Burn Haatuf Newspaper In Buroa

Somaliland Times, Issue 247, Oct.14, 2006

Extremists Linked To The Terrorist Courts Of Mogadishu
Burn Haatuf Newspaper In Buroa

Buroa, Somaliland, October 14, 2006 (SL Times) – Friday morning, at 10:30, a huge number (estimated to be 1300) of issues of Haatuf newspaper were burned in Buroa by extremists linked to the terrorist courts of Mogadishu.

The people who have publicly burned Haatuf newspapers are the same ones who had sent threatening telephone calls to Haatuf’s office in Hargeysa a few days earlier, in which they said they would attack and burn Haatuf’s offices if the newspaper does not stop criticizing the Islamic Courts of Mogadishu. The leader of the newspaper burning group is Mubarak Ahmed Diriye who has been suspected of having ties to al-Shabaab wing of Mogadishu’s Islamic Courts, whose overall boss is Adan Hashi Ayro.

During the burning of the newspaper, one of the religious extremists, Bashir Abdillahi Tagane addressed the local media and said, “We had warned the newspaper many times about the things they write but they didn’t listen.” Mr. Tagane also admitted that he was one of the people who had sent the threatening telephone calls to Haatuf’s office, and that the newspaper had printed their phone number, therefore, they had decided to burn the newspaper in protest. The Mogadishu’s ICU view Haatuf newspaper as a powerful independent voice that stands in the way of their ongoing efforts to mobilize support from within Somaliland itself.

In addition to the reasons cited above, Bashir Abdillahi Tagane and Saeed Muse Faraas mentioned that the newspaper had reported that a meeting took place between the traditional elders of an east Buroa clan and clans from Puntland in Las Anod, when in fact this news item was not reported by Haatuf, but was reported back in May by “Codka Shacabka” newspaper which is no longer published. One of the newspaper burners, Saeed Muse Faras, was also reported to have said after Friday players at a mosque in the Hodan neighborhood of Buroa, “there is nothing sacred about Somaliland’s unity, the only thing that is sacred is the holy book.”

The planners and participants in the public burning of the newspaper were:
1. Mubarak Ahmad Diriye
2. Bashir Abdillahi Tagane
3. Saeed Muse Faraas
4. Abdillahi Bashe
5. Hirsi Amir

Abdillahi Bashe (no.4 on the list) owns a big boarding school for which he charges $60 per student and several other schools in the city of Buroa. Bashir Abdillahi Tagane (no.2 on the list) is a broker who sells land and cars. Mr. Saeed Muse Faras’s (no.3 on the list) occupation is unknown.

The commander of the Buro headquarters, Mr. Suleiman Duale Ubahle talked to Bashir Abdillahi Tagane (one of the newspaper’s burners) and wanted to take him to the police station for questioning, but the commander of the police of Togdheer region, Mr Ahmed Muhammad Gutale prevented it due to nepotism.

Last Night, the Somaliland Times contacted the governor of Togdheer region, Mr. Abdi Hussein Dheere, which includes Buroa, but he told us he was not aware of this matter and will investigate.


How Long Is The US Going To Take Somaliland For Granted?

Somaliland Times, Issue 247, Oct.14, 2006


For over a decade now the United States has been giving words of support to Somaliland but very little else. Even 9/11 and the fundamental changes it brought in US foreign policy seems not to have affected this policy of benign neglect by the US government toward Somaliland. Many Somalilanders are baffled by the US attitude. They cannot understand why the United States which is willing to spend $30 million dollars a year (the actual amount is estimated to be twice that figure) for basing its troops in Djibouti to stop terrorists coming from Somalia, is unwilling to extend any substantial assistance to Somaliland, which due to reasons of politics and geography, plays a more pivotal role in the fight against terrorism than the statelet of Djibouti.

What do we mean by reasons of politics and geography? First the political reason: Somaliland, being a democratic country that rose out of the ashes of the collapsed state of Somalia, provides Somalis with a viable alternative to the road of civil war, terrorism and despair. The geographic consideration is this: a simple look at the map will tell you that a terrorist that comes from Somalia will have to go through Somaliland before reaching Djibouti.

It is true that Djibouti, unlike Somaliland, is a recognized country which makes dealing with it diplomatically easier, but diplomacy is supposed to be a means for advancing, not hindering, national interests. In other words, if it is in the national interests of the United States to upgrade its relations with Somaliland, even if the rest of the world has not yet recognized Somaliland, it is not only perfectly reasonable to do so, but foolish not to do so. The Ethiopian government has understood this point, that is why it has upgraded the status of its representative in Somaliland to that of an ambassador.

The yawning chasm in the United States’ dealings with Somaliland and Djibouti is also relevant given the increasing evidence of Djibouti’s close business and political relations with the terrorist courts in Mogadishu, the mullahs of Iran and Arab Gulf financiers of extremism. The question that many Somalilanders are asking is: why does the US continue to support Djibouti despite the fact that Djibouti is clearly in bed with terrorists, while at the same time ignores Somaliland which has done more for peace and anti-terrorism in the Horn of Africa, than the Djibouti government ever did.

The issue boils down to reciprocity. Somaliland has done a lot of good things for itself such as peace, democracy and moderation. Many of the things that Somaliland did, had, and continue to have, a positive impact on the region. But some of the things that Somaliland does, and continues to do, is of vital importance to the United States. The US, however, has been taking Somaliland’s stance for granted. In other words, there is no reciprocity on the US’s part. This situation is becoming less and less tenable for two reasons: (a) the lack of reciprocity is becoming more and more glaring, which in turn, is increasing the frequency and intensity of calls for a re-evaluation of Somaliland’s stance; (b) increasing pressure from terrorist forces that have effective global networks, while Somaliland is left to fend for itself.

The people and government of Somaliland have shown an extraordinary resilience and capacity to survive despite great odds. Their deep sense of self-reliance and modesty when dealing with the outside world has resulted in their being taken for granted. That is no longer acceptable. The standard US responses such as “we’re engaging Somaliland”, “we’re providing the largest humanitarian aid”, “African countries have to recognize Somaliland first”, are no longer convincing. Somaliland expects its true friends to assist it in re-building its roads, schools, agriculture, public health; to extend bilateral aid to it; to open the doors of international institutions such as the World Bank and the IMF for it. And above all, to recognize it as a full sovereign state.

Why should the US do this? Because given the current takeover of large swathes of southern Somalia by terrorists and the fading fortunes of the one-city “government of Somalia” that is holed in Baidoa, Somaliland’s position as a front-line state against terrorism and extremism has become much more significant. Somaliland’s enemies know this and that is why they have increased their efforts to destabilize it. Unfortunately, US dealings with Somaliland does not reflect Somaliland’s enhanced status on the political map of the Horn Africa, which only adds to feelings, among a large number of Somalilanders, of being taken for granted. By taking the above-mentioned corrective steps, the US will close the gap between its policy and the reality on the ground; it will stem the growing dissatisfaction among Somalilanders with its policies toward Somaliland; it will establish a firm foundation of reciprocity in its relations with Somaliland; and it will strengthen Somaliland’s capacity to defeat terrorists.

We are not in the business of telling other countries what to do, or how to safeguard their interest. But the gravity of the situation, and the gathering threat to our country, are compelling us to spell exactly what needs to be done. The ball is in the US’s court.


U-Qaybsanaha Dalalka Bariga Afrika Ee Arrimaha
Dibadda USA Oo Ka Hadashay Mawqifkeeda Somaliland

Washington DC, October 9, 2006 (Haatuf) – Ms. Eunice Reddick oo ah madaxa xafiiska Wasaaradda Arrimaha Dibadda ee Dawladda Maraykanak u qaabilsan dalalka Bariga Afrika, ayaa kulan Arbacadii dhawayd lagu qabtay magaalada Washington ka sheegtay in xukuumadda Maraykanku ay u soo jeedo Somaliland oo ay kala sii shaqayn doonto waxyaabaha fiican ee ay qabsatay.

Kulankan oo lagaga hadlayay arrimaha Somaliland, waxaa iyagu ka qayb-galay khuburo u badan Maraykan kuna xeel dheer arrimaha Soomaaliyeed, waxana soo qaban-qaabiyay mac-hadka Cilmi-baadhista ee magaciisa la yidhaahdo “American Enterprise Institute”, waxaana lagu qabtay caasimadda Maraykanka ee Washington.

Mar ay Eunice Reddick ka hadlaysay mawqifka dawladeeda ee ku aaddan dalkii la isku odhan jiray Somalia, waxay tidhi: “Siyaasadayada ku aaddan xaaladda adag ee ka taagan Somalia waa mid la jaan-qaadaysa kolba isbedelada halkaas ka dhacay, iyadoo sannadahan dambe la sameeyay xukuumad ku-meel-gaadha, isla markaana ay dhawaan saaxadda ku soo kordheen xooggaga Maxkamadaha Islaamiga ah.”

Eunice Reddick waxay sheegtay in dawladeedu maanka ku hayso isbedelada ka dhacaya Somalia, iyadoo fiiro-gaar ah u yeelanaysa wada-hadalada Maxkamadaha iyo dawladda ku-meel-gaadhka ah ee u qorshaysan in lagu qabto magaalada Khartoum daba-yaaqada bishan, wada-hadaladaas oo ay ku tilmaantay qaar looga dan leeyahay in labada dhinac ay ku heshiiyaan sidii ay awooda u qaybsan lahaayeen.

Hase yeeshee haweenaydu waxa kale oo ay sheegtay in dawladda Maraykanku ay weli wado dedaal ay ku badhitaarayso waxyaabaha u qabsoomay Somaliland, waxaanay tidhi: “Waanu sii wadi doonaa la macaamilida Somaliland oo waxaanu la tabantaabin doonaan waxyaabaha fiican ee ka dhacay Somaliland oo bishii September 2005 hirgelisay doorasho baarlamaan.”


Wasiirka Arrimaha Dibada Oo Maxkamadaha Muqdisho
Ku Eeddeeyey Inay Falal Kharbudaad Ah Ka Wadaan Somaliland

”Durbaanada Colaadeed ee taliska maxkamaduhu waxay shacbiga Somaliland ku soo kicinayaan Xanuunkii Loo Geystay”

“Cumaamada Sheekhnimo Ee Loogu Soo Hagoogayo Moorgan Oo Qayb Ka Ahaa Xasuuqii Iyo Turki Oo Ahaa Dabar-Goynta Inay Maanta……..”

“Somaliland Idiinkama Fadhido Nabadgelyo Ee Waxay Idinka Sugaysaa Xubnaha Aanu Ognahay Inay Ka Mid Yihiin Argagixisadii Falalka Dalka Geystay”

Hargeysa, October 9, 2006 (Haatuf) – Xukuumada Somaliland ayaa ku eeddaysay Maxkamadaha Muqdisho inay falal kharbudaad ah ka wadaan Somaliland, kana dambeeyaan falalkii argagixiso ee hore uga dhacay Somaliland.

Sidaana waxa sheegay wasiirka arrimaha dibada Somaliland, C/laahi Maxamed Ducaale oo shalay shir-jaraa’id ku qabtay xafiiskiisa, kaas oo uu goob-joog ka ahaa wasiirka warfaafinta Axmed X. Daahir Cilmi, isaga oo wasiirku intaas ku daray in hadaladii ugu dambeeyey ee ka soo baxay Maxkamaduhu ay Somaliland u qaadanayso ku dhawaaqid dagaal, ugu horeyn waxa uu halkaasi ka akhriyey war-saxaafadeed uu ugu talo-galay wasiirku shirka jaraa’id, kaas oo u qornaa sidan:

“Amakaag iyo ku soo boodo naguma ahayn wararkii BBC-du ka soo xigatay nimanka sheegta maxkamadaha sida wadaadka Sh. Axmed, shirkii ka dhacay Villa Somaliya ee Khamiistii iyo dhawaaqyadii kornayl Xasan Turki ee ka horeeyey, maxaa yeelay Kornayl Xasan Daahir Aweys ayaa hore looga soo wariyey “In Somaliland ay caabudo Sanam la yidhaahdo Nabad, kaana waanu ka burburin doonaa”, waana sababta maanta ragga falalka argagixiso Hargeysa ugu xidhnaa Shariifka iyo Turkiba uga dhigayaan dad aan denbi lahayn oo la ciqaabayo, kuna balan-qaadeen inay xoog kula baxayaan hadii Somaliland sii dayn waydo, iyada oo horena falal isku day ah in lala fakado kuwii hore u xukunaa iyo ku eedaysanayaasha falalka argagixiso, sida fal-dambiyeedka uu ku eedaysan yahay Maxamed Sh. Ismaaciil.

Waxa xusid mudan in hore looga fuliyey falal argagixiso JSL oo nimanka hadlayaa ka soo maleegeen Muqdisho, sida Haweenaydii Talyaaniga ahayd Annella Tonelli ee Boorame lagu dilay iyo lamaanihii Ingiriiska ahaa ee The Eyeingtons ee Macalimiinta ka ahaa Sheekh ee Sheekh lagu dilay iyo falkii lagu fuliyey xubno ka tirsan Hay’ada GTZ oo ay u geeriyootay falkaasi Haweenay u dhalatay dalka Kenya iyo falalkii kale ee khalkal-gelinta iyo burburinta nabadgelyada Somaliland, taas oo xukuumad iyo shacab-ba si mug leh looga wada hawl-galay, loona qabqabtay gacan ku dhiiglayaashii, iyada oo qaarna xukuman yihiin, qaarna ay yihiin xukun sugayaal. Waxaanu ognahay in shirka Villa Somaliya lagaga tashaday layskulana soo qaaday abaabul hor leh oo ku waajahan waxyeelada jiritaanka qaranimada iyo nabadgelyada Somaliland, meelo cayimana oo bartil-maameedana afka rag ku dhuftay. Waxa si badheedh ah Muqdisho iyo Kismaayaba Shariifka iyo Turkiba ay uga caddeeyeen ka soo horjeedka gooni-isu-taaga Somaliland iyo midnimadeeda, iyaga oo waliba ku hanjabay inay xoog ku muquuninayaan JSL.

Madaxweynaha JSL, Md. Daahir Rayaale Kaahin dhowr jeer oo la weydiiyey mawqifka xukuumadiisa ee arrimaha ku soo kordhay Somaliya, waxa isaga oo dhawraya darisnimada uu ku cadeeyey inaanay xukuumadiisu faraha la gelayn arimaha ka socda dalkaa, uguna baaqay kooxaha is-haya inay arrimahooda ay ku dhamaystaan wada hadal oo caqligu shaqeeyo, halka qori iyo ciidan la adeegsanayo, caadifadana la iska dhaafo. Wuxuuse uga digay cidii soo fara-gelisa gooni-isu-taaga iyo arimaha Somaliland inay cadow u arki doonaan diyaarna Somaliland ay u tahay daafaca qaranimadeeda, waxaase muuqata niyad-samidaa Madaxweynuhu muujiyey inaan dhag-jalaq loo siin marka loo eego dhawaaqyada is-daba jooga ah ee ka soo baxaya taliska Maxkamadaha beryahan dambe, waxaanu u qaadaynaynaa ku dhawaaqid dagaal (Declaration of war), dagaalkaasi iyo durbaanada colaadeed ee taliska maxkamaduhu ka dhawaajiyeen waxa shacbiga iyo Somaliland iyo dawladiisaba uu ku soo kicinayaa xanuunkii dhibaatadii nafta iyo maalkaba lahayd ee loo geystay shacbigan, waxaana la yaaba cumaamada sheekhnimo ee loogu soo hagoogayo Moorgan oo qayb ka ahaa xasuuqii iyo burburkii wadankan, kuna sifoobay (Butcher of Hargeisa) iyo Turki oo ahaa dabar-goynta, gaar ahaan guutadii Cadaadley inay maanta u soo bu’ayaan shacbigii dhagartoodii indhaha ka laliyey. Gooni-isu-taaga, midnimada iyo sugida nabadgelyada Somaliland waa muqadas, difaaceedana cidna looga haybadsanmaayo.

Raggiina sheegtay inaad amniga Somaliya ka shaqaynaysaan idinkoo gabood ka dhiganaya diinta, ujeedooyinkiinana aanu hoos u ognahay, laakiin dhalanteedka aad ka iibinaysaan Beesha Caalamka, Somaliland idiinkama fadhido nabadgelyo iyo maamul midna, laakiin waxay idinka sugaysaa inaad soo gudbisaan xubnaha ku jira guddiyadiina ee annaka iyo adduunkuba aanu ognahay inay ka mid yihiin argagixisadii falalka dalka ka geysatay iyo kuwii fikrada iyo fullinta falkaa soo unkay, soona abaabulay, taas oo tijaabo u noqon karta annaga iyo caalamkaba inaad ka daacad tihiin inaad wanaag ummadeed iyo niyad-sami ka talinaysaan inaad gacanta noo soo gelisaan argagixisada, haddii kale waxaanu caalamka u sheegaynaa xidhiidh la samayntiina iyo gacan siintiinaba inay tahay taageerid la taageerayo argagixisada caalamiga ah.

Xukuumadda Somaliland waxay uga digaysaa taliska Maxaakiimta inay ka waantoobaan fara-gelinta arrimaha Somaliland, waxaanuna beesha caalamka la socodsiinaynaa guud ahaan Qaramada Midoobay, Jaamacada Carabta, Midowga Afrika, Midowga Yurub iyo Maraykanba iyo gaar ahaan urur goboleedka IGAD in dagaal oogista ay ku dhawaaqeen Maxaakiimtu wixii cawaaqib xumo ee ka yimaada ay masuul ka noqon doonaan, iyada oo dabkaasina aanu ka eekaan doonin Somali, waxaanu beesha caalamka ka codsanaynaa inay ka fiirsadaan hor-boodida koox aanay ogeyn ujeedadooda dhabta ah oo ku gabanaya magaca diinta islaamka ee u dhalatay nabadgelyada, horumarka iyo wada noolaanshaha shucuubta caalamka. Kooxdaas oo ka faa’iifaysanaysa fursadda uga soo baxday shicibkii Somaliyeed ee cidhiidhiga nabadgelyo la’aaneed ku sugnaa, una la’aa si ay uga baxaan. Maantana wax loo qabtay aanay jirin, waxaan ahayn kala joojin oo waliba loo maray dariiq dhiig-daadin muslin, looguna gabanayo kitaabka qur’aanka kariimka ah.

Shacbiga Somaliland, waxaanu ugu baaqaynaa in aanay ku sirmin shirqoolada cadawgu u maleegayo sida cajaladaha been abuurka ah ee lagu dambebasayo eedaysanaha loo haysto falalka argagixisnimada lagu minjo-xaabinayo xasiloonida iyo qaranimada Somaliland, iyada oo ku talo-galkoodu ahaa dilal goob-joogayaashii doorashada wakiilada iyo la bixida raggii argagixisada hore loogu xidh-xidhay, isla markaana la qabqabto amaba la afduubo madax ka mid ah qaranka JSL, waxa kale oo xukuumadu ugu baaqaysaa mar kale in golayaasha qaranka, saddexda xisbi qaran, saxaafada qaranka iyo shacbi-weynaha guud ahaanba meel kasta oo ay joogaanba guddo iyo dibadba meel looga soo wada jeesto difaaca qaranimada iyo midnimada iyo ka feejignaanta kuwa u hanqal taagaya una suul-dhabaalaynaya kooxaha Muqdisho iyo ashkhaasta kale ee gudaheena laga adeegsan karo, sida nimanka baaqyada ku taageeraya si toosan iyo si dadbanba, lana ogyhaay hawlaha ay ku jiraan.

Ugu dambeyn, haddidaada iyo hanjabaada lagu wado qaar ka mid ah culimada waaweyn ee JSL iyo saxaafadaba, qarankani u dul-qaadan maayo”.

Intaa ka dib, su’aalihii wasiirka halkaas lagu weydiiyey iyo jawaabahoodii waxay u dhaceen sidan:

S: Maxay xukuumadu u fulin weyday xukunnadii lagu xukumay maxaabiista kiisaska argagixisada u xidhan?
J: Inaga waxa inoo dhisan hay’ado garsoor iyo maxkamado oo shaqada waynu kala leenahay, qaar waa la xukumay oo waxay marayaan dariiqii sharciga, qaarna waa xukun sugayaal, laakiinse anagu waxaanu maxkamadaha ku boorinaynaa inay dedejiyaan kiisaskoodii si aanay isku gaadhin.

S: Waxaa jirtay in Maxkamadaha Muqdisho aad hore u soo dhaweyseen, mucaarid iyo muxaafidba, markaa ma laga yaabaa in hadaladii ugu dambeeyey ee hogaamiyayaasha maxaakiimta ka soo yeedhay aad ka jawaabayso?
J: Horta anigu afkii xukuumada ayaan ku hadlayaa, waxaananu dayaynay in aan arrimaha Somaliland faraha lala soo gelin, marka hore waxaanu lahayn waar nimankaa jaanis ha la siiyo, laakiin imika alamtaray soo dhaaftay oo hadalada ka soo yeedhay shariifka, maxkamadaha ka soo yeedhay ayaa muujinaya in falal kharbudaad ah sidii loogu samayn lahaa Somaliland ay qorsheynayaan.

S: Waxa jiray xiligii aad safarka ku tagteen dalalka Jarmalka iyo Norway inaydin heshiisyo la soo gasheen shirkado, waxaana soo baxaya warar sheegaya in shirkadahaasi aanay waxba ka jirin, sida wargeyska Haatuf-ba uu qoray cadadkiisii Arbacadii?
J: Horta arrimahaa mala-awaalka ah ee Joornaalada lagu soo qoraa wax rasmi ah maaha, aragti qof soo qoray ayaanay ahayd, heshiisyo badan oo dhaba ayaanu soo galnay, dhakhsana way u hirgalayaan, waxaananu filaynaa inay dhowaan shirkadahaa horaantoodii dalka ay u yimaadaan.

S: Xukuumadda waxaa lagu tilmaamaa inaanay arimahan arga gixisada daacad ka ahayn/
J horta siday arintani udhacday iyo halkay kadhacdayba baadhisteediba gudibaa ku jirta kana hordhici maayo xukuumaduna daacadnimo ayay umadeda ugu shaqaysaa waana arin ayfekerkasi dad qabii karaan balse waxba kama jiraan.


Culimada Somaliland Oo Maxkamadaha Muqdisho Ugu
Baaqay In Aanay Soo Fara-Gelin, Fitnana Ka Abuurin Somaliland

Hargeysa, October 9, 2006 (Haatuf) – Guddida Culimada Magaalad Hargeysa oo Maxkamaha Muqdisho ugu baaqay in aanay soo fara-gelinin Somaliland, isla markaana fitno ka abuurin, iyaga oo intaas ku daray in Cajalada La Faafiyey ee jidh-dilka ahna loo saaro guddi madax-banaan, maxaabiista xidhanina hesho xukun cadaalad ah.
Sidaana waxay guddida culimada oo ka kooban 13 xubnood ku sheegeen shir-jaraa’id oo ay shalay ku qabteen Hotel Hadh-Wanaag ee magaalada Hargeysa, kaas oo ay ku sheegeen in xukuumadu wada tashi kala yeelato culimada iyo waxgaradka xaaladaha adage e ina soo waajahay, isla markaana ay hirgeliso shareecada islaamka.
Baaqaasina isaga oo dhamaystiran waxa uu u qornaa sidan:

“Mahad illaahay ayaa leh, nabad iyo naxariisina ha ahaato nabigeenii suubanaa korkiisa. Intaa ka dib guddidan culumada ah ee hoos ku saxeexani, iyaga oo qiimaynaya aadna u dhuganaya waayaha iyo dhacdooyinka ku cusub gobolka Geeska Afrika iyo saamaynta ay ku yeelan karaan Somaliland, ka dib markii ay shirar badan oo is-daba joog ah ka yeesheen arrimahaas, iyaga oo shirarkaa uga dan lahaa wax-hub-sasho iyo xog-helid ahmiyada weyna siinaya xasiloonida iyo nabadgelyada Somaliland, wxa ay guud ahaan soo jeedinayaan baaqan:

Dhinaca Somaliland:
1. Waxa aanu ummadda Somaliland ugu baaqaynaa in ay ilaaliyaan nabadgelyada, xasiloonida iyo kala danbaynta aynu haysano.
2. Waxa aanu xukuumadda ugu baaqaynaa hirgelinta ku dhaqanka shareecada islaamka sida uu dhigayo dastuurka dalku.
3. Waxa aanu xukuumadda ugu baaqaynaa in ay culumada iyo waxgaradka dalka kala yeelato la tashi xaaladaha adage e ina soo waajaha.
4. Arrinta cajaladda la faafiyey ee jidh-dilka foosha xun ka muuqdo waa in loo saaro guddi madax-banaan sida ugu dhakhsaha badan oo baadhis sugan ku samaysa go’aan cadna ka soo saarta, waana in aan looga faa’iidaysan ujeeddo siyaasadeed.
5. Jidh-dilku waa ku xaaraan shareecada Islaamka guud ahaan, qiraal kasta oo lagu keeno jidh-dilna waxba kama jiraan.
6. Maxabiista xidhxidhani waa in ay hesho xukun cadaalad ah oo dhakhso ah.
7. Qofka degaanka ah ee waddanka u dhashay eed loo hasyto darteed waa in aan wax loogu dhimin sharaftiisa iyo ta qoyskiina ama xuquuqdiisa wadaninimo.
8. Banaan-baxyada rabshadaha wata ee cid aan waxba geysan lagu dhibaataynayo ma aha dhaqan islaamka waafaqsan, qofkii dhibaato geystana isaga ayaa ka masuul ah wuxuu geystay.
9. Waxa aanu xukuumada ka codsanaynaa in dadkii banaan-baxa loo qabqabtay ee u badnaa Haweenka loo sii daayo si dhakhso ah.
10. Waxa aanu xukuumada ugu baaqaynaa in ay muujiso dul-qaad, marka ay arrimahan oo kale dhacaanna in lagu maamulo xikmad iyo masuuliyad, lagana fogaado waxyeelayn iyo wixii dareenka dadweynaha sii kicinaya.
11. Waxa aanu ugu baaqayna dadweynaheena diinta jecel, gaar ahaan da’yarta diinta barata in ay ku xidhnaadaan culumadooda qiimayn karta xaaladaha lagu jiro.
12. Waxa aanu dadweynaha iyo dawladaba ugu baaqaynaa in ay xishmeeyaan astaamaha islaamka ina faray, sida gadhka iyo xijaabka haweenka oo aan la daacayadeynin.
13. Wazxa aanu ugu baaqaynaa dadweynaha iyo dawladaba inay ay si wada jir ah uga hortagaan dhaqan xumuda baahaysa, sida sixirka, mukhaadaraadka, isla-joogta iyo wixii la mid ah, lana xoojiyo hawsha ay hayso guddida wanaag-farista iyo xumaan reebistu.
14. Waxa aanu xukuumadda iyo golayaasha ugu baaqaynaa in ay xalliyaan khilaafaadka dhexdooda ah si la isaga kaashado wax ka qabadka duruufaha taagan iyo horumarinta dalka.

Dhinaca Somaliya:
1. Maxkamadaha islaamiga ah ee Somaliya waxa aanu ku amaanaynaa hawsha wanaagsan ee ay ka qabteen dhinaca nabadgelyada iyo baaqooda ku dhaqanka shareecada islaamka, waxaananu u sheegaynaa in aanay soo fara-gelin, fitnana ka abuurin Somaliland oo muddo dheer ku jirtay nabad iyo xasilooni.
2. Waxa aanu ku baaqaynaa in aan ciidamo shisheeye la keenin Somaliya, xalna aanay u ahayn, isla markaana ay Somalidu arrimahooda ku dhamaystaan wada hadal iyo nabadgelyo.

Waxa aanu faraynaa nafahayaga iyo dadka muslimiinta ah ee bayaankani khuseeyo alla ka cabsi, ku dhaqanka diinta islaamka, ilaalinta nabadda iyo walaalnimada ka dhexeeya dadka islaamka ah, wada jirka, dulqaadka, tabantaabinta muslimiinta. Illaahayna waxa aynu ka baryeynaa inuu inaga yeelo qaar si fiican ugu dhaqma diinta Islaamka oo if iyo aakhiro-ba liibaana bisha Ramadaan ee fadliga badanna illaahay ha inagu daro kuwa uu naarta ka xoreeyo, waxaanan illaahay ka baryeynaa inuu muslimiinta ka qaado dhibaatada meel kasta oo ay joogaan guushana uu siiyo.
Magacyada Guddida Culimadda:
1. Sh. Maxamed Sh. Cumar Dirir
2. Sh. Xasan C/Salaan Sh. Cali
3. Sh. Maxamed Cali Gadhle
4. Sh. Khaliil C/Laahi Axmed
5. Sh. C/Qaadir X. Jaamac
6. Sh. Yuusuf Aadan Maxamed
7. Sh. Ismaaciil Cabdi Hurre
8. Sh. Ismaaciil C/Laahi Jaamac
9. Sh. C/Raxmaan Axmed Aw Cabdi
10. Sh. Maxamed X. Maxamuud Xirsi
11. Sh. Kayse Haybe Maxamuud
12. Sh. Maxamed Madar Maxamed
13. Sh. Maxamed Cumar Muxumed Samatar.


Saddex Mishiin Oo Lagu Wareejiyay Wakaaladda
Biyaha Iyo Xafiiska Macdanta Iyo Biyaha Burco

Burco, October 9, 2006 – Hay'adda MENHEL Al Islamiya ee fadhigeedu yahay dalka Kuwayt ayaa Wakaaladda Biyaha Burco, iyo xafiiska wasaaradda Macdanta iyo Biyaha Burco ku wareejisay saddex mishiin oo loogu talo galay ceelasha biyaha Burco.
Sida uu ku soo waramay weriyaha gobolka Togdheer, Axmed Aadan Yuusuf, shalay ayaa masuuliyiinta labada dhinac mishiinaddan kula kala wareegeen xarunta wakaladda biyaha Burco, halkaas oo ay masuuliyiinta mishinadan sidday ay ku wareejiyeen duqa Burco iyo mareeyaha wakaaladda biyaha, waxana ugu horayn halkaa ka hadlay masuulka hay'adda mishiinaddan ka sidday Cabdillaahi Baashe, oo deeqdaa ka warbixiyay waxaanu shegay in deeqdani aanay ahayn tii u horeysay ee hay'addani ay gobolka soo gadhsiiso ee ay horu-marinta gobolka waxbadan ka geystaan, haddana ay wadaan iyada oo ay marwalba ku hawlan yihiin wax u qabashada dalkooda.

Mr Baashe waxa uu xusay in meelaha ay wax ka qabtaan ay ugu horeyso xaga waxbarashada iyada oo hadda gacanta lagu hayo xarun weyn oo jaamacad mustaqbalka loogu talo galay.

Waxa kale oo uu xusay in saddexdan mishiin mid ka mida ay leedahay wasaaradda Macdanta iyo Biyaha, halka labada kalena ay wakaaladda biyuhu leedahay, waxana uu hadlakiisa ku soo xidhay in cidda waxtar wada laga faa'iidaysto oo la soo dhoweeyo.
Duqa magaalda Burco, Maxamud Axmed Xasan ayaa sheegay in ay deeqdan gudoomeen ayna u mahad naqayaan hay'adda iyo cid kasta oo horumar wada, waxana uu duqu hay'adda ka codsaday in ay wax kala qabato xaga taangiyada kaydka biyaha oo aanay magaaladu lahayn, arintaas oo uu ku tilmaamay mid u baahan in degdeg looga hawlgalo cidii ka caawin kartana ay soo dhowaynayaan.

Maareeyaha Wakaaladda Biyaha Burco, Axmed Ismaaciil Faarax ayaa isna sheegay baahida wayn ee ay ka daboolayaan mishiinadani isaga oo xusay deeqdani in ay tahay tii labad ee ay hay'adani siisay wakalada sida daradeed ay u mahadnaqayaan soona dhowanyaan wixi kale ee ay awdi karana ay kala qabtaan bahiyaha wakalada.


Dhul xoolo Daaqeen Ah Oo Maayar Xigeenka
Caasimadda Hargeysa Shaqadii Ka Joojiyay,
Isla Markaana Ka Samaystay Beer Uu Isagu
Gaar U Leeyahay

Hargeysa, October 9, 2006 (Haatuf) – Dhul xoolaad ay lahaayeen dad iyagu degen meesha la yidhaahdo Bacado ee woqooyiga Hargeysa, dhulkaas oo ay ugu tala galeen in ay banaamij xoolo naaxin ah ka sameeyaan ayaa shaqadii laga joojiyey ka dib markii ay halkaas sannadkii hore ee 2005 hay’adda WFP uga samaysay xadhkaha loo yaqaan moosaska kuwaas oo waxtar weyn u leh ciidda iyo biyaha.

Sida ay sheegeen dadkaasi maayer ku xigeenka caasimada Hargeysa, Maxamed Cabdillaahi Uur-cade ayaa hawshaa ka joojiyey ka dib markii uu xidhay gudoomiyihii iskaashatada Hodan ee xoolo naaxinta iyagoo intaa ku daray in maayer ku xigeenku ku tilmaamay goobtaa in la beeraynayo oo ay tahay dhulkii xooluhu daaqayeen.
Haddaba weriye ka tirsan Haatuf oo goobtaas tagey ayaa soo arkay goobtaas iyo beer iyaduna halkaa woqooyi ugu toosan oo sida la sheegay uu samaystay maayer ku xigeenka Maxamed C/llaahi Uur-cade, taas oo ay ka samaysan yihiin dhaam weyn iyo saddex barkadood oo nooca caaga lagu rido ah.

Haddaba xoghayaha iskaashatada Hodan Qaasim Maxamed Warsame oo u waramay saxaafada ayaa waxa uu sheegay in halkan aanu ugu tala galnay xoolaha imikana ay u diyaar ahayd 175 xadhig oo moos oo ay hay’adda DRC u qabanaysay si ciida iyo biyaha loogu ilaaliyo dhulka, waxaana hadalkiisa ka mid ahaa “gudoomiyihii meesha waa la xidhay maayar ku xigeenka ayaana xidhay waxaanu ku andacoonayaa dhul beereed ayaad samaynaysaan meesha aad arkaysaana wax beer ahi kama muuqato ee isaga ayaa beertaas weyn ee aad indhihiina ku soo aragteen ka samaystay dhul xoolaadkii. 05-kii ayay hay’adda wfp moosas aaan tiro badnayn nooga samaysay dhulkan intii faa’iido ayay noo yeelatay oo biyihii dhulka qulqulayey ayaa ciidii ku hakaday oo waydinkaa arkaya oo waa kuwaa xoolihii daaqaya ee ma meeshaas ayaa beer ah” qaasim waxa uu intaa ku daray arrimahaas waa in dawlada sare wax ka qabataa waxaanu yidhi “meeshani waxay ka tirsan tahay degmada Daara-salaam waraaqihii degmada waanu haysanaa, waraaqihii xanaanada xoolaha ayaa iyagana aanu haynaa markaa maayarku indhaha ayuu iska soo ridayaa ee ma isagaa dhu xoolaad beer ka dhigtay mise annagaa beer ka samaynay indhaha dadka ayaa kala sheegi doona”.

Odayaal iyaguna deegaanka ah ayaa arrintaas ka hadlay iyaga oo sheegay in amuurtaa wax laga qabto.


Guddoomiyaha Guddida Dhaqaalaha Wakiilada
Oo Sheegay In Miisaaniyada Ay Xukuumadu
Ku Dhaqantaa Sharci Darro Tahay

Hargeysa, October 9, 2006 (Haatuf) – Guddoomiyaha Guddida Dhaqaalaha Golaha Wakiilada Maxamed X. Maxamuud Cumar Xaashi ayaa xukuumada ku eedeeyey in aanaay ku dhaqmin miisaaniyadii 2006 ee golaha wakiiladu ansixiyeen, isla markaana ku tilmaamay miisaaniyad sharci darro ah oo wasiirka maaliyaddu iska wato. Isaga oo intaas ku daray inaan wax xisaab xidh ah oo wali ay Dawladdu u soo gudbisay aanay jirin.
Sidaana waxa uu gudoomiyaha guddida dhaqaaluhu ku sheegay Maxamed X. Maxamuud shir-jaraa’id oo uu shalay ku qabtay xarunta golaha wakiilada, waxaanu guddoomiyuhu hadalkiisa ku bilaabay “Waxaanu doonaynaa in aannu ummadda Somaliland uga xog-warano waxa xaqiiqada ah ee jira ee dhalan habaabiska badan leh ee la doonayo in lagu xukumo, sidii ay ahaan jireen dawladihii kali-taliska ahaa. Waxay runtu tahay markii miisaaniyadii 2006-da lana horkeenay oo aanu u arkaynay inay ahayd xisaabo yar-yar oo laysku geegeeyey oo aan sax ahayn, hadana waanu sii daynay, waxaanu u sii daynay wax baanu ku iibsanaynay, waxaanu ogayn saddexda waaxood ee ay dawladu ka kooban tahay ee Waaxda Garsoorka, Waaxda Sharci-dejinta iyo Waaxda Fulintuba meel qudha laga xukumo oo ay fulintu xukunto, waxaanu ku iibsanaynay in aanu dadka fahamsiino sidii ay saddexdaa waxood isku taageeri lahaayeen in aanu ahayn madaxweynaha wanaagsani ka laga baqdo, madaxweynaha wanaagsani aanu ahayn ka yidhaahda kalmadayda ha la maqlo oo madaxweynaan ahay, madaxweynaha wanaagsani isaga oo aan intaaba odhan ayuu sharaf mudan yahay. Anagga runtii miisaaniyadaa aanu sii daynay dadweynuhu way nagula yaabeen, waxaanu isla gaadhnay wasaarada maaliyada in 50% mushaharka shaqaalaha loo kordhiyo, wasiirka iyo qoladii la socotay way isa soo taageen, waxay na yidhaahdeen 30% nooga dhiga, waxaad hadana aragteen in la dafiray oo la yidhi ma waxa kordhin kara golaha wakiilada, miisaaniyada hada lagu dhaqmaana sharci maaha oo tii golaha wakiiladu ansixiyey maaha, lifaaqii kuma jiro, waxaana weeyi miisaaniyad Cawil iska wato iyo madaxweynuhu, maaha sharci ee waa sharci darro, waxaa lifaaqayaga ku jirtay in hay’adaha aan sharciga ahayn, sharcigoodii la keeno, ilaa hada nalooma keenin, waxaanu nidhi miisaaniyadoodu way xidhan tahay ilaa sharcigooda naloo keenayo, dheg nalooma dhigin waana layska wataa, ilaa maalintaa waxaanu ka hadlaynay in la keeno miisaaniyadihii sannadihii hore, waliba miisaaniyadii 2005-tii.

Inta warqadood ee aan halkan ku hayo waa kuwii aanu u gudbinay hanti-dhawrka ilaa madaxweynaha, intaas oo waraaqood waxaanu ku dalbanaynay in xisaab-xidhkii la keeno oo aanu ku tilmaamaynay waxyaabaha uu dastuurku ka qabo miisaaniyadaha iyo xisaab-xidhka, halkan waxaa ku taala markii miisaaniyada 2006-da naloo keenayay inay lacag dheeraad ahi ku jirtay miisaaniyadii 2005-ta, markay bishii tobnaad maraysay waxay wasaarada maaliyadu nagu tidhi 5 Bilyan iyo dheeraad ayaanu haynaa, anaggu labadii bilood baanu ku darnayoo 6 bilyan iyo dheeraad ayaa noo soo baxay, inay sanadkaasi dheeraad ahaayeen. Waxa jirey xisaabo badan oo ay yidhaahdeen wasaarada maaliyadu waanu bixinaayoo ay ka mid tahay kabka Dawladaha Hoose oo 38 bilyan ah, waxaa noo cadaatay in aanay dawladaha hoose lacagahaasi gaadhin oo inta gaadhayna aanay ka badnayn 7 bilyan, xisaab xidhku wuxuu cadayn lahaa halkay lacagtaasi martay, xukuumadu waxay ka badheedhay inay jabiso qodobka 55-aad ee dastuurka qaranka, faqradiisa 1-aad, waxa uu leeyahay golaha wakiiladu waxa uu ka doodi karaa waxna ka bedeli karaa miisaaniyada, kuna ansixinayaa go’aan gole, miisaaniyad aanu ansixin golahani maaha sharci, tii aanu imika ansixinayna laguma dhaqmo, waana sharci darro ta lagu dhaqmaa. Faqrada 2-aad hadii miisaaniyada cusubi dhamaan weydo ka hor bilowga sanad maaliyadeedka cusub, waxaa lagu sii dhaqmayaa miisaaniyadii hore inta ay ka soo baxayso miisaaniyada cusub. Farqada 3-aad golaha wakiilada ayaa ogolaanaya gelida kharash kasta oo aan miisaaniyada ku jirin, taasi ma dhacdo, lacag intaa ka farabadan ayaa la kharash gareeyaa, warna uma hayno, la noomana sheegin. Faqrada 4-aad xeer ayaa cadaynaya habka soo diyaarinta miisaaniyada guud iyo sanad maaliyadeedka, taasi hadaanu wadnaa, kalfadhiga 4-aad ee golaha ayaanu hor-keenaynaa. Faqrada 5-aad xeer ayaa cadaynaya miisaaniyada iyo xisaab-xidhada hay’adaha dawlada iyo wakaaladaha, xeerkaasi hore oo jira ayaa lagu dhaqmayay, laakiinse hay’ad kaliya oo xisaab xidh keenta ama jirto, xisaabiyaha guud ee qaranku waxba ma oga, waxaan mararka qaarkood is-idhaa malaha dawladnimada waa ku geftaanoo in aad xaal siisaan baa wanaagsan, waayo digadaynu ka dhignay, nabadgelyada shicibkaa samaystay, ragga maanta xukuumada ku jiraana midkoodna muu joogin meel nabadgelyada lagu sugayay.

Qodobka 55-aad, faqradiisa 6-aad, dastuurku waxa uu sheegayaa waa waajib u soo bandhigida golaha wakiilada xisaab xidhka sanad maaliyadeedka dhamaaday muddo aan ka badnayn lix bilood, wax xisaab xidh ah 5 sannadood lama hayo, ninka hanti-dhawraha ahi waxa uu yidhi 30-kii bishii June ee hore ayaan keenayaa xisaab xidhka, hadana waxa uu yidhi Todoba maalmood iigu dara, wuu keeni waayay, ilaa madaxweynaha ayaanu gaadhsiinay ilaa hadana wax xisaab xidh ah lama hayo.

Waxaad moodaa in caado laga dhigtay in dastuurka lagu tunto, Idaacada Hargeysa ma waxay inoo soo kordhisay Tawradii, Idaacada waxa looga baahan yahay inay wax soo kordhiso, waxaad ogtihiin xaalka baankeenu sida uu yahay, hadana waxaynu aragnaa daaraha dhaadheer ee laga dhex-dhisayo, waxay ku faanaan shilinkii baanu meesha ku haynaa, hadana waxaad ogtihiin Burco, Ceerigaabo iyo Laascaanood lacagta googa’an ee laga isticmaalo, baanka maanta faanayaa waxa uu tahli kari waayay inuu keeno qorshe lacagtaa ummadda lagaga bedelo ilaa hadana baankeenu malaha meel lacagta lagu xareeyo, isla markaana aanu wax xisaabtan ah lahayn. Dekedii Berbera ayaynu ognahay siday xaaladeedu tahay, waxaana muuqata in albaabada loo xidhay, waxaynu ognahay in dalka dhaqaalihiisu liito oo aanay wax shaqo ahi jirin, hadana waxaa laynagu maaweeliyaa ictiraaf baanu keenaynaa, maal-gelin baanu keenaynaa, ictiraafka waa loo shaqaystaa ee iskama yimaado.

Wasaarada maaliyada waxaanu ku heshiinay in aanu bishii July ka wada shaqayno miisaaniyada, hadana waxaa nala yidhaahdaa wasiirkii baa maqan”. Intaas ka dib waxa uu gudoomiyuhu shacabka u soo jeediyey in ay baraarugaan oo ay xuquuqdodoa aasaasiga ah bartaan.

Ka dib, waxa gudoomiyaha la weydiiyey dhawr su’aalood, waxaana ka mid ahaa su’aalahaasi:
S: Arinta korodhsiimada mushaharka ciidamada iyo shaqaalaha waxa uu madaxweynuhu sheegay inay la sugayaan derejada iyo kala saraynta shaqada, arintaa sideed u aragtaa?
J: Horta xukuumada waxaanu isla ogolaanay in 30% mushaharka shaqaalaha iyo ciidamada loo kordhiyo, horta waxay ogolaadeen uun bay dib uga noqdeen, arinta derejada shaqaalaha anagaa soo bandhignay oo nidhi tirada guud ee shaqaalaha dawlada ha la soo tira-koobo, imikadaa taa ay wasaarada maaliyadu u soo gudbisay hay’adaha ee ay ku tidhi miisaaniyada in 30% mushaharka la kordhiyo waxa weeyi taanu July u cayinay ee la doonayay in marka dambena laysla eego waxa kordhay, tan imika ay wadaan miyaad maqasheen, derejooyin imika la soo saaray madaxweynuhu isagaa ka jawaabi, waayo hadalo uu hore u yidhi ayaan madaxweynaha laga daba tegin.

S: Waxaad sheegteen inta badan in aan wixii go’aan ah ama xeerar ah ee idinka soo baxa aanay xukuumadu waxba ka fulinin, maadaama wixii laydiin soo doortay aanay waxba ka hirgelaynin miyaanay haboonayn in aad xilka iska casishaan?
J: Anaggu mararka qaarkood arintaa waanu ka fekeraynaa, laakiin amaano kugu raagtay yedaa baad moodaaye, waxa jira wax badan oo layska caadaystay, hadana hadaanu waxaasi iskaga dareerno halkii aanu sharciga ku soo dabaali lahayn dee waxba maanu soo kordhin, anagu wixii aanu qaban karnana waanu isku dayi doonaa, wixii kalena shicibkaanu u bandhigi doonaa, iyagaa garsoor ahe.


ODHAAHDA AKHRISTAHA:Aweyska Nabadda Sanam Ku Sheegay
Ma Colaaduu Caabudaa?

Dhawaaqyada isdabraya ee ka soo burqanaya kuwa sheegta maxkamadaha ee lidka ku ah Somaliland, maalinba maalinta ka danbaysa ayay ka sii darayaan.
Waxa cad inay nimanka horjoogayaasha u ah mooryaantan cumaamadan ay runtii yihiin niman sita fikrado xag jir ah oo aan diinta islaamka wax shaqo ah ku lahayn.
Bal dhegaysta Xasan Daahir Aweys oo ku tilmaamay nabadda Somaliland ka jirta sanam, halka Nebigeenii suubanaa naxariis iyo nabad gelyo korkiisa ha ahaatee uu ku ducaysan jiray “Allaahuma Nas'aluka Al-amna Wal-iimaan” taas oo ka marag kacaysa qofku aadamaha ah haduu nabad waayo inaan cibaadona jirin. Afkaarta noocan ihi waata koonfurta Somalia ka dhigtay guri colaadeed oo lagu tunto dadka maatada ah, Aweys ma aha nin ehel u ah wanaag iyo khayr toona, maragna waxa ka ah waxa ka soo yeedhaya afkiisa.

Waxa ka cad hadalka ka soo burqanaya madaxda argagixisadu inay shacabka Somaliland ku yihiin duulaan, isla markaana soo gashadaan shaadh diineed been ah. Waxa la yaab ah in colaada Somaliland ee Aweys ku dhololayo qaar badan oo ka horeeyay ku guul daraysteen.

Waxa lama huraan ah in xukuumad, muxaafid, mucaarid iyo shacabkaba loo diyaar garoobo abaabulka colaadeed ee ku soo fool leh shacabka iyo dalka Somaliland ee ay hormoodka ka yihiin argagaxisadan Xamar ka soo hanjabaysa. Qurba-joogga Somaliland oo ah gaashaanka dhabta ah ee Somalilandna waxa aan leeyahay ka hawlgala in budhcadan cumaamadan lala dagaal galo si ay ku dheehantahay wadaniyadii aad ku caan baxdeen.
Ibrahim Duale Suleiman


Hadalka Iyo Fikirku Waa Qodobada Aasaasiga U Ah
Muwaadin Kastaa Inuu Ku Cabiro Aragtidiisa

Hadalka iyo Fikirku waa qodobada asaasiga u ah Muwaadin kastaa inuu ku cabiro aragtidiisa, maanta dalkeenu waa dal 100% ay ka jirto ku dhaqanka dimuqraadiyada, taas oo fasaxaysa inuu qofkastaa fikirkiisa cabiri karo, maanta dalkeenu ma marayo marxaladii la odhan jiray "qaybi oo xukun" iyo casharadii laga dhaxlay Kacaankii Murugada iyo dhibta badani inaga soo martay, isku soo wada duuboo maanta dalkeena shakhsina shakhsi kuma cabudhin karo fikirkiisa iyo aragtidiisa.

Ciyaaruhu waxay daaweeyaan waxyaabaha aan kor ku soo xusay waa hadii sida dhabta ah loo qeexo.

Ugu horeyn waxaan jecelahay inaan iftiimiyo Jawaabtii uu Xidhiidhka Ciyaaraha fudud ee Somaliland ka bixiyay Maqaal aan kaga hadlayay waxyaabaha saldhiga u ah khilaafka ciyaarah dalka ee maanta, Jawaabtaas oo ku qornayd Wargeysak Haatuf Cadadkiisi 1228 ee soo baxay Axadii 08-October-06.

Ugu horeyn waxa nasiib daro weyn ah in Jawaabta Xidhiidhka Ciyaaraha fudud uu bixiyo nin Garsoore ah, talow miyaanay dad aqoon iyo aragti leh hayn hogaanka sare ee Xidhiidhka Ciyaarah dalka, Mise Garsooraha ayaa Maamula Xidhiidhka, hadii aan eego Nuxurka Jawaabta Garsooruhu waxay ku soo koobmaysaa sadex qaybood oo Garsooraha hadalku u qaybsanaa oo kala ah Farsamo, Siyaasad iyo Caadifiyad.

Hadaba waxaad moodaa garsooruhu inuu si khaldan u fasirtay taladaydii, Garsooruhu waxa uu ku tilmaamay waxyaabaha hor taagan Hormarka Isboortiga dalka inay tahay dhaqaale la'aan. Akhrisete ama Saaxiib waxaan jecelahay ugu horeyn inaad iswaydiiso (Acivity-ga) fulinta ciyaaraha xagee ayay dhaqaalaha ka helaan? Ciyaaruhu Dhaqaalaha waxay ka helaan laba ilood oo kala ah isha kowaad waa Olympikada iyo daladaha hoos yimaada ee xidhiidhada, sida uu dhigayo Sharciga Olympikada Aduunka (IOC) Article 42 waxa uu sheegayaa in Xidhiidhada lagu waajibiyay sanadkii Fee-sanadeed iyo dakhliga Garoomada. iyo lacagaha Kabka ah ee ay bixiyaan Shirkadaha Waaweyn kuwaas oo ku bixiya Xayasiiska loogu sameeyo Ciyaaraha iyo dhaqaalaha kale ee ay bixiyaan Shakhsiyaadka Dibadaha horena Sportiga ugu soo jiri jiray.

Isha labaad ee ciyaaruhu Dhaqaalaha ka helaan waa Lacago lagu lee yahay Dawlada Sare iyo dhexe oo ah Lacago dulsaaro kab ah (hab xisaabeedyo loo yaqaan Heads-ka) iyo bixin Garoomo iyo dhul. Tusaale ahaan D/hoose waxa ay ciyaaruhu ku lee yihiin Heads-ka cashuur kasta oo ay qaadayaan sida caafimaadka, caiyaaraha, waxbarashada iwm u qaataan.

Caqliga Fayow waxa uu ku jiraa jidhka fayow, sideebaa Marka hawl timaado waxa loo baahan yahay in Maanka iyo Maskaxda shaqayso iyada oo la adeegsanayo Aqoontii."oodo dhacmeed siday u kala sareeyaan ayaa loo kala guraa" sidii Xidhiidh Walba hoos uga soo bilaabi lahaa ayaa meesha taala, taasina walaal waxay fududeynaysaa sidii Mishkilada aad ka cabanayso ee aad ku tilmaantay inay hortaagan tahay Isboortiga dalka ay meesha ka saarto? fikiryaga ama aragti shakhsi bixiyo marna caqabad ma noqon karto..! ilaa goorma ayaa lagu jiri doonaa Dhaqaalahan la raadinayo? xalku se muxuu yahay? in gacmaha la laabto miyaa? in maskaxda aan laga shaqysiin miyaa? inaan la hadal miyaa? maxay tahay taladu?

Waxa Mihiim ah sidii Xidhiidh walba uga soo hana qaadi lahaa in hoos laga soo bilaabo "biyo gororay mel godan bay isagu yimaadaan" tusaale ahaan sidii loo heli lahaa Macalimiinta+Ciyaartoy+Garsoor = Garoon (dhaqaale), hadaba waxa iswaydiin leh ma jiraa Macalimiin (CV takhasus ah leh) u diwaan gashan Xidhiidhka, Ciyaartoy iyo Garsoor (CV Takhasus ah leh). Dunidana maanta laguma xisaabtamo waan ciyaari jiray ee waxa lagu xisaabtamaa heerka aqooneed shahaado ee uu haysto Macalinku ama Garsooruhu sida Shahadooyinka ay bixiso Hay'adaha IOC, EAA, CAAS iyo IAAF ( oo dhamaantood bixiya shahadooyin caalami ah oo leh darajooyin kala sareeya sida A,B, C, D, E. F) oo logu qiimeeyo carbinta da'da (6 jir ilaa 30 jir) Hay'adahaas waxay la mid ah kuwa Kubada Cagta ee iyagana loo yaqaan (FIFA, UEFA, CAF, AFABA iyo CECAFA oo intuba ah Hay'ado qaabilsan K/cagta waliba qaybahooda Farsmada).

Hadaba Garsoore aqoontaada waa mid heerkee gaadhsiisan? waxaanse ku waydiin lahaa Garsoore iyo Ciyaartoy keebaa sareeya? Somaalidu waxay ku maahmaahdaa "Alloow aqoon la'aan hanagu cadaabin eexna hanaga tagin, waxaana taas raaciyaan "aqoon xumo abaar ka daran" waana ta kugu kaliftay adiga oo garsoore ah in aad Xidhiidh dhan aad dusha u ridatid? Dunida waa maadeys dadkuna waa matelayaa, wakhti walbana waxa uu wataa wayihiisa, taana waata gaadhsiisay inaad waxaan jrin sheegto. tolow IAAF goormaay noqotay Xidhiidhka Orodada, goormaase Dunida laga sameeyay Xidhiidh Orodada u gaar ah? Garsoore waxaan filayaa inuu hadalkaasi kaa dhacay, hadiise aqoon kaa tahay waa wax taariikhdu dambe xusi doonto qof walbana waxa uu ka arki karaa cadadka Haatuf ee aad iigu jawaabtay tirsigiisuna yahay 1228, Axad October '2006 bogga Fariinta Akhristaha.

Dunida wadan walba oo caalamka Siyaasad Isboorti oo cad ayaa ka jirta oo aan Activity soo dhex galin, hadaba waxaan Maqaalkaygii hore isku waydiiyay su'aal ah in ciyaaraha dalkeenu yahay mid ka madax banaan Siyaasad? Balse jawaabtaas oo aan u daayay akhristayaasha waxa si fudud noo siiyay Garsoore Maxamed cali oo yidhi "waxaan xaal ka siinayaa Wasiirka Ciyaaraha Hadalka (aragtidaydii hore) ee maqaalka hore ku qornaa" talow Garsooruhu ma Wasiirkaa meesha keenay Mise Xidhiidhka uu sheeganayo ayaa keenay? Hadii garsooruhu xaal siintayda darajo ku heleyo kama xumi waxaana lee yahay "xaasha nin libin kaa xistiyay, xumuhii waa yaabee" ana noqon maayo kaas.
Sida ku cadeeyd Gabagabdii Maqaalkaygii talada ahaa waxaan ugu duceeyay Dhamaan dadkayga, hadalado ay ka mid ahaayeen "Eebow dadkayga ka yeel dad xeer wadaaga, xaq la isku lee yahay iyo xurmo walaalnimo ku dhaqma oo xaasidnimo iyo xiqdiga maanta jira aan aqoon" Akhriste hadii aan mid idin xasuusiyo shanta Goobaabimood ee astaanta u ah Olymbikada aduunku mid ka mid ah midabkeedu waa madow, taasi oo cadeenaysa ciyaaruhu inay ka mamnuuc yihiin Cunsirinimo, Eex, Qabiil iyo Midab takoor, hadaba Saxiibkay Garsoore waxa hadalkiisa ka muuqday "waxa arinka ka fadhiisanaya Gudida Anshaxa" Saxiibayaal ama Akhriste ma Garoonkaan Ciyaartoy ku feedhay, mise ciyaartoy ayaan ku caayay garoonka? mise xeerkii Ciyaaraha Aduunka ayay meesha ka saareen? taasina waa mid cadeenaysa tayo xumada iyo Aqoon la'aanta iyo Sharci la'aanta haysata Ciyaaraha Dalka, talaabo kastaana ay noqoto mid ku dhisan Aragti, iyo aflagaado iyo midi midi ku taag, taasina ma kula tahay mid xalku ku jiro...!

Goormay Ciyaaruhu isku rogeen Siyaasad, Maqaalkayguna ma waxa uu noqday Gantaal burburiyay Roma? isku soo wada duuboo maanta heerka kasta oo uu gaadhi lahaa Hormarka Ciyaaruhu waa mid ku xidhan hadba inta uu gaadhsii san yahay Fikirka Masuuliyiinta Hogaanka ciyaaraha dalka haysa. taas oo noqon doonta mid ay taariikhda danbe ee dalkani xusi doonto.

Waxaanan ku soo Gunaanadayaa Maqaalkayga adiga oo aan shaqadaada ogeyn ayaad sameysey shakhsi weerar, Horta saxiib ma taqaan Garsooore waxa uu yahay? hawshiisuna maxay tahay? Garsooruhu waa kuuli "kuuli shaqada uu qabtana qof walba wuu garanayaa" hawshiisuna waxay tahay inuu ciyaaro nooc kasta ah inuu garsooro, markaa waxaa nasiib daro ah Garsoore isku badalay maamul oo u hadlaya xidhiidhka, taasina waxay ku tusaysaa waxyaabihii hore aan uga soo sheekeeyay ee ahaa inay ciyaarahu mara habaabsan yihiin ee ahaa in nin walba waxa uu doono ku hadlo oo kala garan la yahay danta shakhsiga ah iyo ta caamka ah, waana ayaan daro aad u wayn oo ku habsatay Isboortiga Somaliland, tanina waxay noqon doontaa daliil cad. Waxaase Jawaab uga Fadhinaa Talaabada Hogaanka Xidhidhka Ciyaaraha fudud iyo Masuuliyiinta Ciyaaraha dalku inay Magacooda garsoore ku jawaabo? Afxumo Nabad way kaa kaxaysaa, colaadna waxba kaagama tarto.

Waxaa tallo iga ah in la dhiso Hay'ada ugu saraysa Activity-ga, taas oo aan la'aanteed xidhiidh Jirin karin, Hadiise xidhiidhku shaqadiisu godan waayay waa halkee halka loo noqonayaa ee dacwadiisa qaadaysa?
Wabillaahi Towfiiq
Siciid Mire Sh. Yoonis


Odayga Kale Xaalkiisa Waa Ogaydeene,
Miyaanaan Xaq U Lahayn Badhasaab
Wanaagsan Oo Qaranka Daacad U Ah?

Riwaayada Sanaag lagu daawanayo waxay ka soo maaxatay fekradii guddida horimarinta Sanaag ee guddoomiyaha gobolku magacaabay …..
Maxamed Ismaaciil Maxamuud (Boorow)

Guddoomiyaha gobolka Sanaag Cali Cabdi Hurre waxa uu ku fashilmay in uu maamulka dawliga ah ku fidiyo degmooyinka gobolka, siyaasada, ilaalinta dakhliga cashuuraha, garsoorka iyo dhex-dhexaadinta bulshada ku nool. Mr: Hurre oo gobolka loo soo magacaabay horaantii sanadkii 2003 iska daa degmooyin kale oo uu shaqo ka qabto ee degmada Ceerigaabo ee uu ku sugan yahay waxa uu ku biiray koox si gaar ah ugu danaysta awooda iyo shaadhka dawlada. Hay’adaha samo-falka ee gobolka yimaada waxay maraan wadada kooxdaasi rabto ama ku amarto, haddii ay diidaan waxay dib ugu noqdaan meeshii ay ka yimaadeen.

Arintaasi waxay keentay qodobadan :-
- In mashaariicda wax ka suurto galaan (wax ka hir-galaan) ay ku wado dhacaan degaan keli ah oo ka tirsan degmada Ceerigaabo.
- In mashaariicda hay’adaha samo-falka caalamiga ahi bixiyaan la siiyo hay’ado wadani ah oo ay kooxahaasi shuraako ku yihiin.

Kooxdan oo xeeladaha ay adeegsadaan sheeko lagu soo koobi karin, dadka magaaladuna barteen waxay lunsadeen mashaariic badan oo uu ka mid yahay mashruucii biyo balaadhinta Ceerigaabo oo ay lacagtiisa bixisay dawladda Denmark, lacagtiisuna dhamayd hal milyan iyo boqol kun oo doolar (1,100,000$). Dakhliga iyo cashuuraha dawladda waxay kooxdani u isticmaalaan sida ay doonaan, dadkana si siman oo isku mid ah loogama qaado cashuuraha. Weftigii hanti dhawrka ahaa ee bishii hore yimi Ceerigaabo ayaa fashiliyey sida sharci darada ah ee loo lunsday, waxayna heleen boqolaal kun oo doollar oo ka maqan qaranka. Sharaxaad iyo faah-faahin waxaa kugu filan bishii hore ee September ee weftiga hanti dhawrku ku sugnaa gobolka dakhliga soo xerooday wuxu ka badnaa dakhligii dawladda soo galay sideedii (8) bilood ee kale.

Xaaladda nabad-gelyada: Marba marka ka sii dambaysa ayey ka sii daraysay, sannad walbana waxa gobolka si sharci daro ah loogu dilaa in ka badan shan iyo toban qof (15), waxaana ugu danbeeyey marxuunkii lagu dilay bishii August ee ina dhaaftay badhtamaha magaalada Ceerigaabo. Dilkan oo gacan ku dhiiglihii geystay iyo kuwii caawinayeyba aan la soo qaban waxaa ka dhashay in magaalada gudaheeda qof waliba amaankiisa isagu ka tashado, isla markaana uu soo dhawaysto hubkiisa iyo wixii ka caawinaya sugida amaankiisa.

Siyaasada iyo fidinta maamulka: Waxaa idinkaga filan ama aad warbaahinta ka maqasheen laba guddoomiye gobol oo kala fadhiya Ceerigaabo iyo Badhan.
Qodobka labaad waxa weeye mudaharaadkii wadaadada ee todobaadkan ka dhacay magaalada ee lagu cambaaraynayey xukuumada waxay ahayd riwaayad ka soo maaxatay kooxdaas la magacbaxday guddida horumarinta Sanaag. Gudidaas waxaa magacaabay guddoomiyaha gobolka markii warkoodu soo baxayna way diideen waayeelka iyo waxgarad badani.

Dayaca gobolku iyo baylahdiisu intaas oo keli ah kuma koobna ee hadda waxa ku sugan degaamada bariga Sanaag wefti balaadhan oo ka socda maamulka Puntland oo uu hogaaminayo wasiirka cafimaadka C/raxmaan Dhega-wayne, waxaana la socda saraakiil ka tirsan Hay’adihii UNta ee fadhigeedu yahay Garoowe oo kala ah UNICEF, WHO iyo UNESCO, ninkaas iyo weftigiisu waxay soo gaadheen degaamo ka tirsan degmada Ceerigaabo oo ay ka mid yihiin tuulooyinka Carmale, Yubbe iyo Hadaaftimo, waxay mushahar soo gaadhsiiyeen shaqaalaha cafimaadka, qaar kalena waa kordhiyeen, sidoo kale waxay degmada Badhan u balan qaadeen laba gaadhi oo mid Ambalaas yahay. Waxa kale oo ay bixiyeen mashaariic waxbarashada iyo biyaha ah.

Ugu danbayntii waxan qormadayda ku soo gudnaanadayaa odayga kale xaalkiisa waa ogaydeene miyaanaan xaq u lahayn badhsaab wanaagsan oo qaranka daacad u ah, bulshada dhexdeedana garsoore u noqda mise xaalku waa ka sii dabo dheer !!!!
Maxamed Ismaaciil Maxamed (Boorow), Ceerigaabo, Somaliland


“Isma Oga Agoon iyo Ninkii Aabaheed Dilay”

Somalidu waxay ku maahmaadaa “waxay abeeso leedahay ilmaheedna leh” waxa kale oo ay tidhaahdaa maahmaah kale “Ilko abeeso hoostay ka xidhiidhsan yihiin”.

Waxaan uga socda “walaalaheenna” reer Somalia hadday yar yihiin iyo hadday weyn yihiin, hadday askari yihiin, hadday siyaasi yihiin, hadday waranle yihiin iyo hadday wadaad yihiinba, waxay u haystaan inay xaq u leeyihiin inay ina xukumaan ama inoo taliyaan. Somaliland waxay u haystaan inay tahay amaano aynu u sii hayno intay soo kala jeesanayaan iyagu. Inta badan maba sugi karaan intay kala dhamaanayaan ee iyagoo qoladii wax eryatay kuwii ay eryadeen u sii muuqdaan ayaabay soo jeestaan oo yidhaahdaan “meeday Somaliland?” “iska soo celiya amaanadii”
Waar illayn belaayo habeen kama tegin!

Inaguna waxaynu mar walba ku ducaynaa “Ilaahayow walaalahayaga reer Somalia nabad iyo degenaansho sii”, arrinteenu se waa “ninkaad kabahiisa tolayso ayaa kafantaada tolaaya”.

Aan u soo noqdo kuwan u danbeeyay ee la yidhaahdo Maxkamadaha. Maxkamaduhu iyagoon cagahaba isku taagin ay markiiba waxay ina yidhaahdeen:
Maxkamadaha: fiiri walaalow, midnimaa la rabaa no. Somaliland wax la dhahaa ma jidho. Iska dhaafa warkaas. Anagaa idin xukumayna haddii kale xoog aan idinku qabsanaynaa.
Somaliland: oo sheekh maxkamdaw siday wax u jiraan, sawnagan dalka dhan ee jira ah ee dastuur leh, ee golayaal baarlamaan leh, ee ciidan qaran leh, ee bileys leh, ee shacab heegan ah leh, ee nidhi xornimaydayadii aanu waa hore tuurnay waanu la soo noqonay. Miyaydaan ka war haynba?

Maxkamadaha: walaalkiis. Waxaas looma jeedo hadda, Koofur waa la xoreeyey, waa la mideeyay, dalka dhan min Raas Kaamboonni ilaa Saylac shareecadda islaamka inaan ku xukunnaan rabnaa annaga, sidee adiga waaye? Ma jirran tahay? ma waalantay? Weligaas baad qaldaan ahayd.

Somaliland: Weger! oo Sheekh maxkamadaw, distoorkayaga ma akhriday, af carabina waabu ku qoranyahaye, sawta ku cad inuu ku salaysan yahay shareecadda islaamka? Calankayaga se ma aragtay inuu tawxiidku ku qoranyahay? Inaanu se dad muslimiin ah nahay oo iyaba wadaadadooda leh oo ay diinta u dhigaan ma ka war qabtay? Anagu maantaabaanu u masaajid iyo malcaamad quraan badanay sidii Illaahay noo abuuraye. Waar bal lama aragtan kaalaya.

Maxkamadaha: Waxaas oo dhan warkeed dhaaf. Looma jeedo ayaan ku dhahay. Midnimo ayaa la rabaa. “far keliyi fool ma dhakhdo” Taa ma maqal miyaa adiga?
Somalliland: oo Sheekh maxkamadaw, haddaynu laba foolba kale leenahay maad kaaga adigu iska dhaqatid ama far keliyi ha kuu dhaqdo ama yay kuu dhiqini? Maxaa aniga wejigayga kaa galay? Ta kale anigu waaban dhaqday kayga oo weliba weyseystay. Waar bal bixisadan eega hadda?

Maxamdaha: Haddee “inamal mu’minuuna ikhwatun” ma maqlin miyaa adiga”
Somaliland : oo Sheekh maxkamdaw, “Fil ixsaani wal khayri” miyaanay taasi ahayn? Ma khasab iyo jujuub baa?

Somaliland: Sheekh maxkamadaw waxaan ku weydiiyay. Horta goormaad wadaadka noqotay oo aad wadaaddada weliba intaa dheeraatay? Ma “subxaan. Almuqayir alaxwaal” baa arrinkaagu? Nimankan se aan raadinayay ee godobta hore iga hayay ee berigii dadkayga xasuuqay ee Turki iyo Morganba ku jiraan ma sheekhyay noqdeen oo afka haddaydin gacanta ka gelisaan idin qaniini maayaan baad leedahay? Mise waxay ku yidhaahdeen anagaa sida loo laayo naqaan oo markay magacayaga maqlaan bay goojo dhabarka saarayaan ee aan idin hor kacno?

Maxkamdaha: Xasuuq? Haddee Xasuuq maxaa waaye adiga. Somali oo dhan aa dhimatay. Taliskii Siyaad Barre somali waa wada laayay. Qabqablayaashi somali waa dileen. Adle kelikaas maa wax ku gaareen?

Somaliland: oo Sheekh maxkamdaw, ma waxaad leedahay boqolkii kun ee qof ee gacantiina ku dhintay iyo hantidii dadkaygu 200 oo sannadood tabcanayeen ee badhna burburiseen badhna bililiqaysateen wax ka soo qaad ma leh?

Maxkamadaha: Haddee waxaas maxaa ka nool yaaqii? Kuwaas dhintayna waa shahiideen Alla ha u naxariistaa ku filan no? adduunkaan aad ka warramaysona waxaa la dhahay “inama dunyaa licibun wa lahwo” Haddee maxaa ku falaysiin. Wixii oo laydinka dhacayna. Aakhiraas helaysiin kii oo toman jibaaran. Sadaqo waaye.

Somaliland: oo sheekh maxkamadaw, iminkana ma waxaad leedahay haddana aanu idin layno jannadaydin geliye. Oo aan idin burburino wixii baaba’ noqda aakhiro aydin ka heli haddana eh? Idinku janada ma ku gelaysaan markaa na laysaan? Mise anaguumbaa janada nala jeceshiin?

Maxkamadaha: maxaa? Haddee Sidee adiga waaye? Anagana jannada waa rabnaa. Anaga diinkaan fidinaynaa ka dib idinkaan idin dilaynaa anagana janaan gelaynaa maxaa wacay diinkii aan fidinnay idinkana janaa gelaysaan shahiid baa noqon rabtaan.
Somaliland: haaaa! oo sheekh maxakamdaw, ma waxaad leedahay agoontii aydin waalidkood layseen hantidoodiina waxna burburiseen waxna biliqaysateen haddana aan idinkana idin layno oo bisinka idiin qabano oo wixii aydin dib u dhabdhabateenna aan misna burburino?

Wallaahii sheekh maxkamdaw horaa loo yidhi “isma oga agoon iyo ninkii aabaheed dilay” anaguna aargoosi iyo xumaan baanu ka xishoonnay, adiguna maanta ayaad leedahay haddana qoorta soo dhigo. Waaba “kaaf iyo kala dheeri.” Weliba hadda sheekh arrinka ku noqo oo sida xabadda loo rido ee dulmiga laysaga ridana annaa ku baray oo kugu gacan qabtay. “shabeel nin rabbaystay riyuhuu ka cunaaye ma isku kay roggay rafiiqay” Tii Allay noqon.
Waar hoy sheekhoow ka joog.
Cabdillaahi Geeljire, Toronto, Canada


Ma Run Baa Muuqaalka Jidh Dilka Sh. Maxamed Ismaciil?
Xog Ururin Dhab Ah!

Asalamu Calaykum dhamaan ummadda Somaliland dal iyo dibad meel aad joogtaanba.

Ramadan Kariim

Run ahaan ma doonayn in aad wax maqaal ah soo gudbiyo inta lagu jiro bishan Ramadaan oo ah bil cibaado, balse way noqon wayday oo waxaan arkay sheeko aan la amakaagay kuna saabsanayd Sh.Maxamed Ismaaciil oo ku xidhan xabsiga magaalada Hargeysa.
Sheekha waxaa loo haystaa arimo argagixiso oo uu ku kici lahaa haddii aan ciidanka wadanku ka hor tagin, taas oo uu sida la sheegay uu qarxin lahaa doorashadii Golaha Wakiilada si Somaliland u noqoto meel aan waxba dhaamin Somaliya. Haddaba su'aasha aan doonayaa in aan is weydiiyo ayaa waxay tahay yaa doonaya dhibaatada Somaliland, ma shacabkii doorashada u dhaqaaqay ma culimada Somaliland ee qaarkood hanjabaada loo soo qoray jimicihii, mise dad kale oo doonaya dano gaar ah? Jawaabtu waa dad kale balse yay noqon karaan dadkaasi bal eeg qoraalkaan.

Masaajidka Xawaadleh ee magaalada Hargeysa oo ka mid ah masaajidada ugu weyn caasimadda ayaa Imaamka Khaadibka ka ahi Sh. Aadan Xaaji Xiiray (Aadan Siiro) oo ka mid ah Culumada ugu waaweyn Caasimadda Hargeysa ee aad loo tixgeliyo wuxuu Jimcihii khudbadii salaadda jimcaha ku sheegay in uu hellay laba warqadood oo loo dhigay Masaajidka, kuwaasi oo isaga loogu hanjabaayo in la dili doono haddii aanu joojin weerarka uu ku hayo Maxaakiimta Islaamka ee ka taliya qaybo ka mid ah dalka Soomaaliya.
Sh. Aadan Siiro muxuu galabsaday oo loogu hanjabay maxaase isu soo aadiyay muuqaalkan la baahiyay iyo hanjabaada oo ay waqti isu dhaw u soo baxeen? Waa arrin la is waydiiyo u baahan, sidoo kale Sh. Shariifka Xamar ayaa isna hadal adag ka yidhi arinkaan kuna beegay waqtigan oo aan la hubin muuqaalka dhab ahaantiisa iyo been ahaantiisa intaba.

Sharaxaad ku saabsan Muuqaalka Sh.Maxamed Ismaaciil.

Waxaa marka hore arkaysaa Sheekha oo fadhiya laba askari sida lagu sheegay ay labada dhinac ka taagan yihiin. Sheekhu wuxuu wataa Macawis nooca Sabar hindida loo yaqaan iyo garan madow diilmo cadaan ah leh, halka labada askari ay wataan dhar aan kuwa askarta lagu yaqaan ahayn, dhanka midig askariga ka taagan sheekha wuxuu xidhan yahay shaati Buluug ah, Surwaal aan midabkiisa sixi karin balse u eg buluug caddaan ah iyo kabo sandal ah, ninka dhanka bidix ka taagan dharka uu xidhan yahay lama qiyaasi karo inta aan ka ahayn surwaal Buluug ah.

Sheekhu waa la waraysanayaa oo labada nin waxay wataan Record nooca saxaafadu isticmaasho oo kale ah, waxayna duubayaan wixii uu yidhaahdo oo dhan, sidoo kale waxaa shaki badan iiga jiraa in nin 3aad meesha ku jiro, kaas oo aan is leeyahay waa ninka Kamaradda ka duubaaya oo taagan meel ku beegan wajiga sheekha xilli kasta marka la waraysanayo iyo marka la ciqaabayo intaba wajiga sheekha waa la arkaa sheekha laftiisuna wuxuu inta badan eegayaa Kamarada ee labada askari wajigooda ma eegayo.

Haddaba muuqaalkani waxyaabaha soo socda marka la eego waa been abuur oo waa mid la sameeyay.

1. Marka hore aad u daawo muuqaalkan maaha mid xidhiidh ah ee wuu kala go'an yahay oo sheekada dhexmaraysa sheekha iyo askarigu maaha mid sida ay isugu xigtay loo duubay ee su'aal cusub oo meesha ku jirin ayaa hadba bilaabmaysa sida Cali nin la yidhaahdo ayaa la waydiinayaa isagoo jawaabtii aan aad u dhamaystirin ayaa su'aal kale bilaabmaysaa.
2. Sheekhu wuxuu had iyo goor eegayaa Kamarada ragga waraysanayaana labada dhinac ayay ka joogaan, wejigiisa ma eegayaan taasina maaha hab lagu yaqaano askarta dambiyada baadha. Sidoo kale Askartu waxay wataan dhar aan muujinayn calaamad askarinimo gaar ahaan ciidanka. Markaa mar haddii wajiga sheeku eegayo kamarada waxay u egtahay in arin la diyaariyay oo meel aan xabsiga Hargeysa ahayn lagu duubay ayay ila tahay, waayo sabab ama calaamad ciidan kuma duubna cajaladaa oo waxaa la duubay inta aanuu Sheekha xabsiga lagu ridin si haddii sida maanta dhacday arinkoodu fashilmo loogu ceebeeyo dawladda waana arin lagu sii talo galay si aan dawladdu caddayn u waydo oo markhaati u noqoto ninkan wadaadka sheeganaya oo Xabsiga ku jira ayaa la soo saaray.
3. Haddii arinkani run yahay waan ognahay Xabsiga marka la gelayo waa la is baadhaa oo waxyaabo aad u wayn lalama gali karo, sida kaamarad weyn, sidaa darteed ninka awooda u yeeshay in uu Xabsiga Kamarad la galo ma awoodi waayay in meel ka mid ah Xabsiga ama Ciidanka Ciqaabaya Sheekha in uu sawirka uu ku xaday marka ay jidh dilayeen in uu sawir ku xado ama xitaa hadalkooda aan ahayn waraysiga uu soo duubo.
4. Geeska Afrika way ku yar yihiin qalab horumarsan oo samayn kara isku xidh suurado kala duwan si qaab kaliya loogu sameeyo, laakiin arinkani dadaal dibadeed ayaa ku jira oo dad qurbaha jooga ayaa shaqadeeda ka qayb galay ugu yaraan Dubai ayaa la isticmaalay si wuxu suurto gal u noqdaan, balse nasiib wanaag waxaan helay in muuqaalku yahay mid jilid u eg waliba sheekhu dadka wax waydiinaya muxuu u eegi waayay halka uu Kamarada ka eegayo ileyn Kamaradu isuma ogga sida la sheegaye mid qarsoon ayay ahayde, Sheekhu wuxuu xitaa marka la jidh dilayo eegayaa Kamarada marar badan, markaa miyay taasi caddayn u ahayn in uu arinka og yahay isagu oo wax uu wax ka diyaariyay aanay ahayn waa sax.
5. Culimada Somaliland inta badan ma ogola hadalada ka soo yeedha Maxaakiimta Somaliya, waxaana culimadaasi ka mid ah Sh. Aadan Siiro oo Toddobaadkan loogu hanjabay in la dili doono haddii aanuu joojin weerarka uu ku hayo Maxaakiimta, sababtuna waxay tahay haddii culimadeenu shacabka tusaan in dalkoodu uga roon yahay wax kasta in dadku dhamaan ka soo wada horjeesanayaan culimada la soo dirsaday ee mashruuca Somaliweynta wada, taas oo caqabad weyn ku ah taliska qarsoon ee Xamar hamiga la jooga, sidaa awgeed wixii qodax ay u arkaan ayay siibayaan. Sh. Aadan waa tusaalihii ugu horeeyay arinkaana maaha mid xididkiisu dhaw yahay Xukuumaduna ficil muuqda lagama hayo marka shacabka ayaa laga doonayaa sidii ay uga baxsan lahaayeen.
6. Maxaakiimtu iyaga oo aan hubsan ayay cambaareeyeen arinka Sheekha, waliba qaranimada Somaliland waxay ku sheegeen dad Afweyne oo kaliya ka cadhaysiiyay oo aan Somaliweyn diidanayn, markaa hadalkaasi wuxuu la mid yahay laba arimood oo kala ah; in Culumada Somaliland beer laxawsi looga dhigo in dawladda Somaliland ay laynayso, Maxaakiimta Xamar ay naxteex u yihiin sidaas darteed loo sameeyo koox Culimo ah oo Ciidan iyo Hub la siiyo dagaalna ka bilowda Somailand iyo dadka Somaliland loo sheego in Afweyne tagay dhibkii lagu sameeyay isaga uu raacay isla markaa u diyaar garoobaan in la xukumo maadaama Afweynihii dhibka u gaystay dhintay. Laakiin Ayax tag eelna reerb Afweyne isagu xabad gacantiisa intuu ka ridday Hargeysa kuma dhufan ee ragga caanka ahaa Xamar ayay joogaan wali dadkayga Somaliland taa ayaan u sheegayaa.
Marka hore waa sidaa xogta dhabta ah ee aan ka soo diyaariyay muuqaalkan ceebteena iibka loogu doonayo, mana aha markii ugu horaysay ee Somaliland sidan laga yeelo, waynu ogayn wixii ay samaysay Zamzam Axmed Ducaale iyo sidii ay ku dambaysay waliba iyadoo dhulkeedii tagtay ayay lahayd waxbaa la igu sameeyay UN kii ayaana xaqiijiyay warkeeda.

Qofkii aaminsan Somaliland wuu aamini qoraalkan marka arimaha uu eego isagoo daawana muuqaalka, laakiin qofkii neceb Somaliland ma deeqayo hadalkani waayo mid kan ka soo horjeeda ayaa ka buuxa laabtiisa. Sidoo kale waxaan leeyahay qofka arinkan xaqiiqdiisa hayaa wuu soo gudbin karaa, waayo xukuumadeenu maaha mid aan khaldamin mana aha mid aan loo sheegi karin khaladkeeda waa mid ogol wixii sax ah alle hortii.

Sh.Maxmed Ismaaciil waa muwaadin sida aan jeclahay, waxaan aad uga xumahay sida uu wax yeelay, dadkiisii iyo dalkiisii ayaa wehel uga baahan dad shisheeye in uu u adeego maaha, Islaam waa la wada yahay qof aan diintu xil ka saarnayn ma jirto, cid diinta wakiil gooni u ahna ma jirto, Rasuul SCW wuxuu yidhi "Iga gaadhsiiya ummadday xitaa Aayad" markaa qofka aayad kaliya diinta ka garanaya waa in uu sheegaa.

Wadamo badan oo Islaam ah ayaa jira, Xasan Daahir Aweys wakiil kama ah wadamadaas inaguna la mid ayaynu nahay, xitaa haddii la samaynayo Maxaakiim Islaam ah inagoo Somaliland ah aan samaysano maxaa ku jaban?????????? Waxba.

Waxaan kula dardaarmayaa wadaadada Somalialnd in ay ka foog jinaadaan in dib aan ugu noqono dagaalkii iyo xasuuqii 20 sannadood ka hor, Shalay Oday baa ku fududaaday Somaliweyn oo Calankeenii, Cududeenii iyo wadankeenii Koofur geeyay dhaxalna waxaan uga helnay in nala Xasuuqo, maantana wadaadada ayay joogtaa ha marina wadadii Odayaasha, masuuliyad kama qaadi kartaan in dadkani wanaag helayaan, maanta sida ay ku jirtaa maaha meel xun oo laga dido ee waa khayr. Walaalayaaloow na daaya Alle ayaan idinku dhaarshaye, Sh.Maxamedoow adigaa kow ka ah ee dadkan daa, wixii aad jeceshay naftaada u jeclow dadkan iska daa dhib way ka soo daaleene.
Allaa mahad leh
Cabdul-Qaadir Sanweyne
Allaa Mahad leh
Faarax Maxamed Yuusuf Ina Sanweyne